If it feels like the price of everything you buy has been soaring, that’s because it HAS—even as central bankers everywhere worry about the danger of DEE-flation.   That said, the prices of many things like clothing, airline tickets and ladies’ make up are way DOWN. According to  James MacIntosh, writing for the Wall Street Journal, the price of the stuff we’re BUYING is rising much faster, while the stuff we’re no longer buying has been falling. And then there is government spending.   Both republicans and democrats have used COVID 19 to punch their ticket to unabated borrowing and spending. So, that means inflation right? …Well, not so fast, and today we’ll explain the important, hidden economic indicator that could pop the bubble for those thinking gold and silver are going up.  A very interesting Wall Street Journal report you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

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