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Your adviser should be someone worthy of faith and trust.

You will be confiding in him or her about your important dreams, goals, and concerns. That is why you don’t want a salesperson, you want a fiduciary who has years of experience, has managed through difficult financial times, and helped hundreds of clients turn their dreams into reality.

Steve Jurich is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, a Kiplinger® Contributor,  a Certified Income Specialist™,  and a member in good standing of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA).

  • He is president and managing member of IQ Wealth Management,  a Registered Investment Adviser.
  • Steve is a popular business radio commentator and best-selling author with nearly two decades of financial experience helping clients achieve their retirement goals.
  • His comments have appeared in press releases published on Bloomberg, TheStreet.com, MarketWatch and CNBC.

Steve is focused on the challenges facing retirement-age individuals and those planning for retirement. His clients range in background from engineers, teachers, and medical professionals to business owners, government workers, and accountants. With nearly two decades of personal retirement planning experience, Steve can offer experienced guidance.

“I enjoy growing as a professional and growing as a person — both are processes that never stop. But my passion is helping my clients achieve the clarity, focus and relief from anxiety that comes from having reliable financial outcomes.”

Steve is licensed in securities, as well as insurance and real estate. His book on retirement, “Smart Is The New Rich,” is available now on Amazon.com. Steve is the editor of the educational annuity website, MyAnnuityGuy.com,™ and works with affluent retirees and pre-retirees seeking to preserve and grow their retirements.

Steve’S Family
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Family is very important to Steve. In his time away from work, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 32 years, Barbara, cycling, lifting weights, writing, drawing and playing golf (when he can find the time.)

Our little girl, Gracie

To arrange a free, no-obligation meeting with Steve today, call (888) 310-1776 (local: (480)902-3333), or email him: [email protected]
Success Breakthroughs
Steve is a co-contributor to Jack Canfield’s new best-seller “Success Breakthroughs”.

While Steve hires PR Agencies to promote his books and articles (like all best selling authors), he writes ALL of his own material.

What Is a Certified Income Specialist?¹

The CIS™ designation is a graduate-level designation conferred upon candidates who complete a six-month to one-year educational program focusing on fixed-income instruments, retirement and financial planning, annuities, taxes, Social Security, withdrawal plans, stretch IRAs and reverse mortgages.

The designation and its requirements are offered through the Institute of Business and Finance – founded in 1988. IBF is a nonprofit provider of financial education and designations to members of the financial services industry. IBF is the fourth-oldest provider of financial certification marks in the United States.

The CIS™ certification involves four modules and a proxied written test leading to the completion of a capstone, case-study financial plan. To be awarded the designation, there is a requirement for mastery of intermediate to advanced knowledge in medicare, social security, annuities of all types, income taxes, addressing income shortfall, life insurance, home health care and reverse mortgages.

According to IBF, “Members of the financial services community are taught how to help their clients accumulate assets. What has always been missing is comprehensive and unbiased information as to how to turn assets into reliable income. The CIS™ program addresses these issues and provides the answers.”

The student must pass three comprehensive exams, complete a written case study as well as adhere to the IBF Code of Ethics and IBF Standards of Practice. Additionally, successful students are required to fulfill annual continuing education requirements. The CIS™ designation is designed for brokers and advisors who have clients that are seeking current income.

What Can Working With a CIS™ Do for You?

Create a Sound Financial Solution

  • Analyze and evaluate your current situation
  • Develop goals and obectives across a timeline specific to your needs
  • Design an investment plan to help meet your objectives
  • Implement a strategy based on your risk level and tolerance
  • Recognize the use of modern portfolio theory (MPT)

Develop Your Portfolio

  • Help you understand and quantify the role of equities and debt instruments
  • Determine which investments may be appropriate
  • Utilize lower cost solutions to optimize returns
  • Establish a review and rebalancing schedule
  • Review tax reduction strategies

Enhance and Clarify Your Retirement Income Plan

  • Use fixed income investments and annuities that can include lifetime guarantees
  • Emphasize safer strategies while maximizing monthly income
  • Compare “stretch” IRAs with other distribution methods for heirs
  • See and compare the differences between income withdrawal plans from investments vs annuities
  • Recognize the exposure to “sequence of returns risk” and longevity risk
  • Understand the costs and potential benefits (if any) of reverse mortgages.
  • Help to optimize a social security strategy
  • Contrast POD, single, joint and trust account titling
  • Help to insulate parts of your portfolio and estate from frivolous lawsuits and attachments
  • Create tax-free, or predominantly tax-free, income
  • Pass and transfer assets to heirs tax free
Per the IBF:
The CIS™ designee’s mission is to gain a complete understanding of your goals and objectives. The CIS™ will help identify and develop the strategies, techniques and vehicles that best meet your needs.

The process used by the CIS™ involves data gathering as well as advanced knowledge of traditional and new income-oriented investments and assets. The CIS™ designee may help ensure that your investments are consistent with your goals, desired level of monthly income, risk level, tax bracket, estate planning concerns and time horizon.

Founded in 1988, IBF is a nonprofit provider of financial education and designations to members of the financial services industry. IBF is the fourth oldest provider of financial certification marks in the United States. In 1988, IBF launched its first certification program, CFS® (Certified Fund Specialist®). Today IBF offers four additional financial designation programs: CAS® (Certified Annuity Specialist®), CES™ (Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™), CIS™ (Certified Income Specialist™) and CTS™ (Certified Tax Specialist™).