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Meet Steve

Perhaps the most important choice you will make in building a plan for retirement is your financial advisor. Is he or she experienced in all aspects of financial, estate, and retirement planning? Will you be passed off to an assistant, or less experienced staff members (who may not be with the firm in a year), or will you work with a premier planner with the necessary background?

Planning goes beyond investing. It involves matching your dreams and goals to the realities of your risk tolerance and time horizon. You get one good shot at it. Mistakes can be costly.

Steve Jurich (pronounced Jur-itch) is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, a financial advisor with more than 20+ years experience, and member of the Financial Planning Association®. He is the Amazon best selling author of SMART IS THE NEW RICH, and the founder of IQ Wealth® Management in Scottsdale.

He accepts 6-12 new clients per month only—so that he can give his utmost attention and the time necessary to listen and build an excellent plan.
Steve has helped hundreds of families, individuals, and business owners in Arizona and multiple states. His clients came to him to protect and grow their retirements. Through a proven process, these clients now have a clear written plan, built on the foundation of guaranteed fixed income assets and smarter dividend investments.
Steve is well known as the host of his popular daily radio show on retirement, MASTERING MONEY™, also known as the “Common Sense Financial Hour.”  The show can be heard live Monday-Friday at 8am and 11am on Money Radio®, AM1510, the longest running business / investment talk station in the Southwest. Podcasts are available 24/7/365 on i Heart, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and at RetirementRadioUSA.com.
Steve studies the markets and the economy every working day and is a contributor to Kiplinger®. His topics focus on building and preserving a comfortable, income-rich retirement through the use of a unique but simple bucketing system. He is considered a major authority on the use of annuities in financial planning and is a Certified Annuity Specialist®.
The IQ Wealth Annuity Selection System™ compares and screens up to 1200+ annuities for clients only, seeking to optimize income, growth, and preservation, while protecting heirs.
Steve leads the management team in charge of the IQ Wealth Black Diamond Dividend Growth™ and the Blue Diamond TECH & Energy™ portfolios. He utilizes the services of IQ Wealth’s strategic partner, AE Wealth Management, an SEC registered investment advisory firm with more than $24 billion under management. AE Wealth, and its extensive staff, is one of the fastest growing RIAs in the country, and is on the job full-time for IQ Wealth® every trading day.
All of our clients’ securities are held in SIPC insured accounts at Fidelity Institutional, with no commissions. All annuities are safely held at one or more of the nation’s leading legal reserve life insurance companies regulated and audited by all 50 states.
Steve and his wife Barb have been married for 37+ years. Their son Steven R., is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton, where he attended on a division one basketball scholarship, and after transferring to Hope International University, finished as an NAIA All American and the leading rebounder in the nation. Steven is the Digital Marketing Director for IQ Wealth®. His wife Katie is our Social Media director.
Steve places his faith, family, ethical practices, and genuine human relationships above all. He and his family attend and give regularly to Scottsdale Bible Church in Scottsdale. When not working, he enjoys cycling, walking (with Barb), gym workouts, shooting baskets, reading, golf, playing with the family dog (Gracie), and traveling.
Steve (the son) and Katie (daughter-in-law)


If you are seeking the services of a skilled and experienced planner who will take the time to listen, and then prescribe your best path forward, look no further than Steve.

“At IQ Wealth, we believe smarter planning and smarter investment choices are the key to a more trouble-free retirement. Our unique process, Smarter Bucketing™ and our exclusive 40-40-20 allocation system helps our clients simplify and clarify their finances. Bucket planning is a common-sense process of allocating money according to its purpose. When each dollar in your portfolio has a job to do–and a timeline for getting it done–your financial plan is more clear and realistic. You stop investing with foggy emotion and start intentionally growing and protecting your money– with a clear plan.”

Steve Jurich

Accredited Investment Fiduciary® and Founder of IQ Wealth® Management