Smarter Financial Bucketing

Invest Smarter: Financial Bucketing For Retirement

Insure your income, insure your outcomes, invest the rest with purpose®

Insure Your Income, Insure Your Outcomes, Invest The Rest With Purpose®

The IQ Wealth Smarter Financial Bucketing System aims to simplify your plan for building, growing, and protecting your retirement money.

Rather than a haphazard, traditional pie-chart approach, Smarter Bucketing™ brings order, discipline, and control to your plan for retirement. Smarter Bucketing™  separates your savings into clear and distinct buckets.

Most important, it establishes a firewall between your income assets and your growth assets, giving every dollar in your portfolio a specific task and time deadline.

We live in a complicated, constantly changing world. The stock market is in unchartered territory. Bonds pay too little to live on. Politics is a mess. And we are learning that Social Security in its current form may not always exist for those with higher “means.”

The IQ Wealth Smarter Bucketing System™ helps you get serious about allocating money for the NEXT twenty years, rather than remaining stuck in your strategy of the PAST twenty years.  Plan smarter. Invest smarter. Ensure your outcomes by first insuring your income. Our team will be happy to put you in the driver’s seat to a more worry-free retirement.

Plan Smarter: Allocate Your Retirement Dollars To The IQ Wealth Financial Bucketing System ™

Smarter Buckets

IQ Wealth Smarter Bucketing™ provides for:

  1. Ample, ready liquid cash to handle essential living expenses-plus money for travel and recreation
  2. Secure, reliable income contractually guaranteed for life (INCOME) from audited, licensed institutions
  3. Capital growth (preferably dividend reinvestment to put the power of compounding on your side)
  4. Optional attention to long term care funding
  5. Optional attention to leaving a larger legacy
  6. Close attention to reducing fees, reducing risk, and working to reduce taxes

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Don’t just manage your money, master your money®

If you feel like you are currently drifting or that you can’t clearly articulate what your current investment strategy is and where it’s heading, it is probably time for a fresh look at a strategy that is clear, math based, and systematic.

Rather than throwing your money into one big pot and hoping for the best, we work to make sure that each of your dollars has a specific task and time deadline.

If you never run out of income, you’ll never run out of money. But if you run out of money, how will you create income? Let’s make sure you never run out of income.

Ready for the next step?

Plan, Invest, Insure, Retire and Stay Retired.

How do you feel about your current investments? Will they take you where you want to go?

If you don’t feel in control, or feel like you are drifting, we can help.

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If you’re not feeling totally fine with your investments–and if you’ve read this far that’s probably the case–then it is quite possible that your investments are not allocated properly for your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Face it–You are no longer the same investor you were ten or twenty years ago. Your needs have changed. Your risk tolerance has changed. Your outlook for the future has changed. And your need for safety and income have changed. If your portfolio looks about the same as it always has, you could be heading for a rude awakening. Let’s fix that.

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