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It’s Only Natural

It’s only natural--the speed at which you process information-- and your capacity to solve problems of logic--gradually diminishes with age. It doesn’t mean that you are old or over the hill at 65, 70, or 75. But it does mean the time may be right to pause for...

Is Your 401(k) About To Roll Over…And Play Dead?

Can we agree that these are wobbly times for the economy, for real estate and for stocks?  Perhaps that’s why many people are buying principal protected annuities with guaranteed lifetime income right now—especially as all or part of a 401(k) 403(b), 457 plan, or...

The Hidden Risks Of Bond Mutual Funds

Retirement planning is hard because safe, secure income is the key to a confident retirement. But here’s the real question: where do you find it? Bond mutual funds? They are often called “fixed income” investments, but are they safe? In my view, any asset that refers...

Who Do You Trust?

By Steve Jurich, AIF® Family and friends may mean well, but may not give the right advice. When investing for retirement, you're likely to hear a lot of well-meaning guidance from family, friends, and others. As you weigh the potential benefits of well meaning advice...

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