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Simply schedule a no-obligation free meeting to discover your goals, needs, and concerns

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Using the IQ Wealth Smarter Bucketing System™, we help evaluate and develop your strategy

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Once we arrive at the retirement strategy that is best suited for you, we go to work to make it reality

401k & IRA Rollover

We help you turn your 401k, 403b, 457, ESOP, TSP, or IRA into a true retirement plan. Enjoy a retirement fueled by properly diversified investments positioned for growth and income to protect your future and your legacy.

Our Approach

It’s all about you. No fluff and no sales pressure—just fiduciary guidance and valuable information from an experienced retirement advisor who cares and helps people retire every day.

Retirement Annuities

We compare up to 1200+ annuities to determine the right fit for our clients’ income, preservation, and diversification goals. Protected from market loss, the right Next Generation Annuity can guarantee income from 5% to 18% per year depending on age and deferral period.

Income First

The foundation of any rock solid retirement plan is income that you can never outlive. As a fiduciary, we believe the income amount and security certain annuities provide is too valuable to ignore.

Investment Portfolios

Explore the IQ Wealth® Growth Portfolios: Fee-only, rules-based, disciplined, visionary. See how our investment approach works to grow wealth and complement a rock solid retirement plan.

Grow Your Wealth

Our retirement approach leaves plenty of room to continue to grow your money. Protect from inflation and build your legacy with the Black Diamond Dividend Growth™ portfolio and Blue Diamond Technology Leaders™ portfolio.

Bucket Planning

Insure your income, ensure your outcomes, invest the rest with purpose®. Rather than a tired and old-fashioned “pie chart” approach to retirement planning, we enlist the use of Bucket Planning to better secure our clients’ future.

One and Done

Every bucket in the IQ Weath® Smarter Bucketing System™ has a specific task and time deadline. Your retirement plan won’t need to be regularly re-done. We believe in a one and done approach to retirement planning.

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About IQ Wealth®

At IQ Wealth, we believe smarter planning is the key to a more trouble-free retirement. Our unique process, Smarter Bucketing™ helps our clients simplify and clarify their finances. Bucket planning is a common-sense system of allocating money according to its purpose. When each dollar in your portfolio has a job to do—and a timeline for getting it done—your financial plan is more clear and realistic.

Today’s crazy markets are leaving many folks wondering where and how to allocate their money. Rather than placing faith in the whims of the market, the IQ Wealth approach is clearly defined and systematic. Our fee-only approach to equity management means that when YOU do better, we do better. Your best interests always come first at IQ Wealth–no exceptions, no excuses. Learn how our systematic approach to high quality dividend growth and technology stocks alongside guaranteed fixed income solutions may contribute to your future success. It's opportunity time. Let’s get to work!

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Who We Serve

Turning Your 401k, 403b, or IRA Rollover into a True “Retirement Plan”

When you retire, you stop getting paychecks from work. Your reliable, six figure income is gone. How do you create and sustain an income as certain as your paycheck from work, without actually working? How do you grow your retirement nest egg while at the same time drawing a lasting income? How do you incorporate your Social Security checks into a complete written plan? We have the answers for you as our hundreds of clients will confirm.

Is This You?

  • Have an upcoming rollover, an old 401k from a previous employer, or are dissatisfied with your current IRA rollover?
  • Between the ages of 48 – 79?
  • Planning for your retirement is now a priority for you?
  • You’re concerned about inflation dwindling your buying power?
  • Worried about the impact of taxes on your 401k / IRA?
  • Do you wonder how to best manage healthcare expenses later in life?
  • Do you ever worry that your money might not last?

What is IQ Wealth® Management?

Retirement Planning with World Class Resources—and a Hometown Touch.

IQ Wealth Management is a full service financial planning firm located in Scottsdale, AZ, offering a wide range of services. First and foremost is the creation of a written financial plan that includes Social Security timing and planning. We are well known for our expertise in 401(k), 403(b), 457, and TSP retirement plan rollovers.

Services Offered by Your Financial Planning Advisor

  • 401(k) rollovers
  • Professional Investment Management
  • All investment assets are held at major custodians (Fidelity® and Schwab®)
  • Fixed income planning for retirement
  • Annuities—we are recognized experts in annuity analysis and comparison
  • Social Security planning and timing
  • Written financial plans that are clear and easily understood
  • Medicare and long term care planning
  • Estate planning and life insurance

Schedule a Meeting with Our Investment Management Firm Today

At IQ Wealth, you’ll be talking to people who care about you. We treat people with respect—no sales pressure.

AND—Right now may be your best opportunity EVER to lock in the highest annuity rates in history.

After listening to your goals and concerns, we can put together a plan for you to finally stop worrying about money. Ready for the next step? Do the smart thing with your 401(k), and take your retirement dreams to the next level—with investments that make sense and income that never quits.

You can start with a free 15 minute phone call with a qualified advisor, leading to a more thorough strategy session.


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