Stock analyst Thomas Lee of the firm FundStrat, stated on CNBC that he is looking for the stock market to bang out (quote) “significant new highs” by the end of the year, according to his interview on CNBC July 20th.  He points out that there is more cash sitting on the sidelines than in 2009. But even more than all that cash waiting to pounce is the potential for one of 133 coronavirus vaccine trials to deliver positive results. If at least one of them works, he sees the S&P 500 hitting  his forecast of 3,450. Today, we’ll run down the best and worst stocks of the S & P 500 halfway through the year, and then bring you right up to speed on vaccine trials and which companies are on the verge of discovery…a great show you don’t want to miss   MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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