For worry free income, preservation and indexed growth in retirement with no market losses and no management fees, today’s NEXT GENERATION uncapped retirement index annuities with income riders are becoming the asset of choice for 401k and IRA rollovers.   Once upon a time, government bonds could provide the security and financial peace of mind required in retirement. In fact, “living off your savings” was the time-honored approach to retirement.  But when bank CDs and bonds are paying zero or near zero, and that’s your only plan, you are no longer LIVING off savings….You’re just spending down your principal haphazardly!  You are just paying your principal back to yourself, with little or no interest, and no guarantee of what happens when you run out. Can anyone seriously consider retiring on a bond or bank account  paying less than one or two percent, with inflation headed to three or four percent annually one day? Today, we’ll show you how to avoid poor retirement income planning  A power-packed show you don’t want to miss!   MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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