In case you hadn’t noticed, the future is getting just a ‘tad’ more unpredictable every day. That’s why protecting your core capital and securing your retirement income are such high priorities.   Smart people are seeing the need for more certainty going forward. And…many are turning to NEXT GENERATION annuities to meet that need. Once you reach age fifty or sixty, why WOULDN’T you want a floor under your money?   Annuities are not for young investors aged 20 to 40. They are for those who want a retirement that can weather the worst of economies, without losing a penny or missing a beat.  The key benefit that modern day annuities may provide a retired person is a contractual guarantee of principal and income—regardless of market conditions.There are four different types of annuities, and due to current low interest rates and volatile markets, THREE of those types may not be recommended.  Today, Steve will review exactly WHICH annuities are leading the pack, and which might be right for you. Then Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us for the Q & A.  A power packed and timely show you DON’T want to miss…MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!!

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