How well have you done with your investments over your lifetime? You’ve had some good years where you got twenty percent or so perhaps. But, like the rest of us, you have had some STINKERS. Most investors lose money an average of three years out ten. That’s why averaging ten percent is so hard. Most investors also buy stocks or mutual funds haphazardly–without a clear strategy. That’s another proven way to hurt your overall returns. How long does it take to DOUBLE your money? Using the Rule of 72, money doubles every eighteen years at four percent compounded, it doubles every twelve years at six percent compounded, and every nine years at eight percent compounded. Today, we’ll review the real secrets of raising your average rate of return and how get a guaranteed bonus of ten percent on a safe fixed income vehicle, with a GUARANTEED growth rate of 7 percent COMPOUNDED.  Then health insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A very timely show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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