Over the past century, markets have crashed A DOZEN TIMES, several times by more than fifty percent, leaving people’s finances and dreams in disarray for YEARS.  Not only is money lost, but TIME is lost. It takes time to build up a nest egg.  The last thing anyone wants is to START OVER in retirement.  If you’ve been saving for thirty years for your dream retirement, it makes no sense to go back to where you were ten or fifteen years ago with your money. Can that happen?   Well of course, it DID happen…. TWICE… in 2000 and 2008!  Are we there again?  This bear market is proof of why you need to keep your money in safer, smarter buckets, so that your retirement is protected, your investments are of high quality, and your income is for life. Today, we’ll review exactly what to do NOW to make the most of your current retirement nest egg!  A great show today you don’t want to miss …. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

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