HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We hope you and yours are having a great and wonderful day….you won’t want to miss our opening segment today, after which,  we get HEAVY into investments! While China manufactures most of the world’s smartphones and computers, it IMPORTS almost all the semiconductors needed to provide the logic and memory that run the gadgets. Last year,China paid $260 billion dollars importing chips—60% more than it spent on oil. If you thought the tech boom was over and microchips were a passing fad, think again! The market is booming and will continue to boom. And now China has a goal to dominate 50% to 80% of the world’s markets for artificial intelligence, microchip technology, robotics, special alloy steel, and aluminum by 2025–even if they have to steal the technology to achieve it! Today, hear a report from the Wall Street Journal on how the theft is happening. Then Steve reviews investment opportunities for China’s 2025 project. MASTERING MONEY IS ON THE AIR!!

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