Although many people DON’T think about owning life insurance, many, many people do. Life insurance has evolved from just a few choices in the old days, like whole life and straight term, to more advanced and flexible forms of Universal Life insurance which can be tailored to fit your needs for tax advantaged  retirement income that does not trigger taxes on Social Security, leaving a tax free legacy, and tax planning goals.  Unlike the policies of old, today’s next generation of cash value life insurance can deliver the goods on multiple benefits with the same dollar. For example, quite a number of cash value life insurance policies on the market can double as a LONG TERM CARE funding vehicle. You get triple the benefits with the same insurance dollar. Today we’ll review these policies and show you why many people are converting IRAs to tax free life insurance, rather than ROTH IRAs.  An important show you don’t want to miss  MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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