The pandemic crash put an estimated 400,000 small businesses OUT of business. Millions of people lost their jobs and may of them are still looking for work. Many sectors of the economy were hurt, others had banner years.  Even now,  analysts refer to a new category of stock: “recovery” or “reopening” stocks. In other words, companies whose businesses will begin flourishing again once people can actually enter crowded theaters, stadiums, cruise ships, and airplanes.  Barron’s Laurence Strauss reports that there is a growing interest in U.S. dividend paying stocks, with an industry-wide consensus that dividends will rise more than usual in 2021. We’ll review his report and the reasons why you should be looking into top drawer dividend GROWTH stocks right now. The timing may be just right. Then Steve reviews the stock selection process for the Black Diamond Dividend Growth Portfolio. A fact-filled and timely show you won’t want to miss…. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

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