Most investors seek to reduce risk as they near retirement, so in theory, the investment known as a “Target Date” Fund seems like a fit. Every year you own the fund, the allocation changes from the stock side of the portfolio to the BOND side of the portfolio. Target date funds are at particular risk when markets are  high and interest rates are  low. It sets up the “double whammy”when the market reverses.  TARGET-DATE FUNDS ARE appealing for investors who desire a one-stop retirement savings solution, but there are risks.  The big question:  do they fit into your plan as you transition from ACCUMULATING assets — to SPENDING them in retirement?  Should you hang on–  or ditch your Target Date funds? If retirement is getting closer, now’s the time to think about how, or IF, target date funds fit your investing strategy. Today, we’ll do a deep dive into Target Date funds so that you can decide for yourself.  An important and timely show you don’t want to miss….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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