Gold has lost some over the past six months, falling to the 1700s from near 2100, a drop of about 16%.  Bitcoin has been stealing all the thunder as an alternative currency, but the analysts at Barron’s are seeing a move back to the yellow metal.  Their strategy for playing gold involves the picks and shovels, not the gold itself. There are two gold miners they particularly like. Both also mine copper which is rising in importance due to electrification of vehicles, and  both of these companies are established enough to pay healthy dividends.  Plus many citizens in China and India prefer the real feel of gold over a digital readout that says they own some Blockchain currency somewhere in outer space. That could also stimulate demand.  Today we’ll be talking about Gold, Bitcoin, the VIX–and two companies you may want to invest in, to potentially profit from a comeback in gold.  A truly interesting show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!!

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