There are two major categories for stock investors to choose from:  Growth Stocks and Value Stocks.  As the name implies, Growth Stocks are all about supply and demand. The price of what you own will rise on the basis of how many other people WANT what you HAVE. There are no dividends.   The price-to-earnings ratio may not look like a bargain. The company may not even HAVE any earnings!  Buta great growth stock can make you money if you select the right one at approximately the right time, and hold it long enough to see capital gains. Tesla is an obvious example of a pure growth stock. Value stocks on the other hand—also as the name implies—are focused on business fundamentals, in other words intrinsic value. Is the company making money? How much am I paying to participate in the profits.  These are the questions VALUE investors ask.  Value stocks are not the “go-go” variety that you “date” briefly. They are the ones you consider “marrying,”  if you’re the marrying kind. Today, we’ll analyze a potentially hot growth stock you may want to own, and then we’ll shed light on how the smart money is allocating for retirement right now.  An educational show you don’t want to miss….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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