As Americans go to the polls, especially undecided and independent voters, there are two issues coming to the forefront:  DEBT, and TAXES. In other words, how HIGH can we allow this already massive debt to grow, and how MUCH damage would be done by RAISING taxes in a recession in 2021? Neither of these candidates would win a personality contest right now, so make sure your vote is based on mathematics instead. While one candidate wants to create an entire NEW economy based on renewable energy, promising ten million jobs in an industry that barely exists today, the other candidate wants to simply get back to where we were–pre-virus– as fast as possible, without reinventing the wheel. …One wants to keep taxes low. The other candidate GUARANTEES taxes will go UP substantially for all U.S. job-creators. We’ll examine and compare the plans in detail, and then have a look at the US DEBT Clock that shows our national debt has reached a shocking figure you may not even believe. We’ll then have a special feature report by journalist John Stossel. A very big show coming your way today…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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