One thing that all these debates sorely lack is FACT-CHECKING. For example, the USA Today moderator during the Harris-Pence debate actually got something CORRECT that CNN and MSNBC constantly get wrong!  It has to do with the ages of the candidates. Democrats don’t like talking about the age factor for some odd reason. Their pitch is that the candidates are (quote) “BOTH old”, and always state that Mr. Trump is 75,  Biden 77. Quite wrong. Donald Trump is seventy-FOUR, having been born June 14, 1946.  Joe Biden was born  in November of 1942.  He will be 78 in November and on inauguration day if he wins. Also, Democrats love to say that Mr. Trump has never denounced white supremacists, and Mr. Biden has said that he was the VP during the Parkland shooting in Florida. We have the factual sound bytes on all of this and much more today, in a show you definitely don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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