Today on MASTERING MONEY, we have a special treat for you…Steve sits down with one of the legends of American journalism and broadcasting, Bill O’REILLY!  Steve and Bill will talk about his new best seller, KILLING CRAZY HORSE, the election, and much more.  But first, when you stop and think about it, your money and investments should be giving you a warm sense of comfort and satisfaction. If you’re invested properly, you might never spend a day worrying about the markets or where the economy will be in a year.  …Not because you’re naïve or a positive thinker, but because you have a PLAN…built on solid, income-producing assets and growth strategies built for the challenging times ahead. We’ll get into those challenges, and how better investments and smart money placement can change your life.  Then, it’s Bill O’Reilly time!  You don’t want to miss it….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!! 

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