Annuities are part investment, part insurance—you get both with the same dollar. 

Study after study reveals that 7 out of 10 retired adults think about money most of the time and fear running out of it one day.  The markets are fickle–and we all know that it turn the wrong way one day.

Therefore, how fancy do you really want to get with your investments at this stage of the game?  And, what are you doing to avoid the risk of a market decline while ensuring that you and your spouse will always have the reliable income you need to comfortably enjoy your retirement? (click for video)

Just like you buy insurance to alleviate worry about your house burning down, annuities provide insurance to pay you and your spouse a lifetime income, even if the market crashes by 50%. Think about it: if you lost all your money in stocks, but had 120% of the income you needed to live comfortably from now on—could you worry a bit less?

If one of you passes away, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the other will continue to receive the identical income, not reduced in any way, without having to make any investment decisions?

Share in the upside of markets, without the downside, while guaranteeing you and yourself lifetime income–like a pension.

Think about why the average person puts money into a bank CD when rates are low. Its not for the low rate, its for the INSURANCE.  Many people are attracted to deferred annuities from 100 year old legal reserve carriers because an insurance company is standing behind every dollar. The insurance company is audited by up to fifty different regulatory agencies.

Hard working and flexible–a strong choice for a 401k, 403b or IRA rollover.

The correctly chosen annuity can preserve a death benefit, guarantee a lifetime income WITHOUT ANNUITIZING, and gives you the option to grow your capital over time. The annuity is a fit for your income bucket and because it delivers more income using fewer dollars, your other investments can grow without being “dipped into” at the wrong times.

If you simply follow the terms of your agreement with the right annuity from a licensed, legal reserve insurance company, you are guaranteed a return both ON your money and a return OF your money—and potentially much more than that. Not a bad fit in today’s risky world.