As you get closer to the day when your salary goes away… and everything you’ve accumulated up to this point has to be the source of ALL your future paydays… your decisions need to become more accurate. You can’t afford the mistakes you made thirty years ago.  On an increasing basis, the news literature in the financial world states that you will need more than a million dollars to retire to make sure you don’t go broke.   A million is a nice sum of money, but unless you properly diversify, allocate, and conserve it, you run the risk of seeing it get cut in half by a combination of market declines, income withdrawals, RMDs, taxes, politics, fees, inflation, and poor timing when it comes to retirement. Today, we”ll tell you the story of Doug and Diane, who found out the hard way. Then Medicare Specialist Shelley Grandidge joins us for the Q & A. Don’t miss today’s show  MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

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