While Joe Biden will undoubtedly take bows for the economic recovery taking place in 2021, objective onlookers know that Biden’s first six months and his ideas have not created one job. In fact, Biden killed thousands of pipeline jobs. As Trumponomics comes to a close and Bidenomics begins, investors don’t really need to predict which set of economic policies will work the best to stimulate the economy—at least not for a while yet. Experts say it will take six to twelve months or longer to begin to see the effects of most of Biden’s economic moves. In the meantime, whose policies will end up looking better when history is the judge–Trump, or Biden? Most logical thinkers know that reining in job-killing government restrictions, lowering taxes for both job-creating corporations and tax paying Americans, and creating trade deals that bring and KEEP more factories right here in America, is a more sure path to long term economic success for OUR nation as a whole. But logic is not always the sure path to making money in the stock market. You need to know where the big boys are going, like Goldman Sachs, the Fed, and JP Morgan. We have a Barrons report on that for you today and Steve will review adjustments being made to the Black Diamond and Blue Diamond portfolios…an important show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!!

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