Results of several data driven studies have come to the same conclusion:  The highest happiness readings in the world among retired persons, come from those people who own pensions. They scored 7.8 on a 10-point scale. Pensions that provide guaranteed income for life have become increasingly rare around the world, as employers have shifted away from defined benefits plans to defined CONTRIBUTION plans.  In addition to owning a pension, retirees who are surrounded by their family and friends and own a home, also tested higher on the happiness scale. In every study of its kind,  according to articles published in Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal,  there was one consistency —those who have a substantial check coming in every month for the rest of their lives, unconditionally and without market risk— are happier people.  They also live longer, studies show. Today, we’ll examine how NEXT GENERATION retirement annuities can provide a pension WITHOUT disinheriting heirs.  A fact filled show you don’t want to miss….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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