After a tough few weeks, the stock market is back to setting records again.  Technology stocks are once again moving higher. But many investors–who always worry if stocks are too high, are wondering if technology stocks are  just too “high-to-buy” right now?   Well, Wall Street has a different viewpoint because they can do the math. Congress is being very generous these days even if you and I don’t like it–and with a few trillion being added to the economy, analysts know that a good share of it will find its way to the stock market–AND to the proven technology companies leading the way “to tomorrow.”  Think for a moment:  Does anyone really believe that technology like semiconductors, cybersecurity, cloud computing, genetic science, and robotics are not going to CONTINUE GROWING, despite a few bumps along the way? If you’re looking for some serious insight into where the smart money is going and WHY, you’ve come to the right place TODAY….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

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