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Steve accepts four to eight new clients per month in order to serve each with optimal personal attention. There are no charges for initial consultations. To schedule your review, please call (480)902-3333. Ask for Barb. On Money Radio hear Steve Mondays and Thursdays at 4:35pm, and Tuesdays at 4:20. Catch up on the week with the Saturday Morning Review, each Saturday from 10AM to 12 Noon, 1510AM / 99.3FM on the dial.

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In The Media

Steve can be heard on Money Radio on Mondays at 4:35pm (The Financial Review with Sinclair Noe). On mondays the Review centers around annuities--the myths, potential mistakes, and misconceptions. Steve's clients range in age from 45 to 85. Therefore his focus is on retirement income planning, estate strategies, long term care strategies and investment management for retirement. Entering the discussion will be dividend investing, bonds, and mutual funds. Steve reviews various forms of life insurance that can deliver multiple benefits and works to help listeners clarify the differences between the different kinds of annuities. More importantly,he helps listeners and clients understand the proper uses of annuities and investmentsª in a balanced portfolio.

On Wednesdays, Steve co-hosts a full hour of insights into retirement investing and planning on Journey To Wealth. You can hear Journey to Wealth again at 11am on Money Radio.
  • Monday:  4:35pm  The Financial Review
  • Tuesday: 4:20pm  The Financial Review
  • Wednesday: NOON  Journey To Wealth
  • Saturday:  11Am  Journey to Wealth

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While our firm, advisors, and strategic partners may be members of organizations or may appear on a media outlet periodically, no endorsement is accepted or implied. We encourage and require that clients and prospective clients make financial decisions based on the merits of each individual aspect of direct and personal advice and the offering, not on other factors.  Listening to radio shows or reading articles does not begin a relationship with us. Only upon a personal and in-depth review can we discover what recommendations are suitable for you.

All information heard on Money Radio is intended to be general in nature and not intended as any form of recommendation to take a course of action. We try to discuss ideas that are relevant to retirement-minded individuals and try to help our listeners understand important topics, or to give them food for thought. No offer or advertisement is made for any security or specific insurance product.  While we are happy to have you listening to our shows, listening to the show does not begin or form a relationship. That can only be initiated by a personal visit, where and when we can take the time to become acquainted. Never take any course of action regarding investments, annuities, life insurance, or taxes based solely on what you hear me talk about on the air.  The time and space is brief, and your specific circumstances are the most important aspect to determine whether or not any financial concept is right for you. We only render investment advice, recommendations or services after the following conditions have been met: 1. Delivery of our form ADV Part II. 2. Execution of an Investment Advisory and/or Financial Planning Engagement Letter. Sinclair Noe is an independent paid spokesperson, not affiliated with any IQ entity,  who is paid for his voice talent, radio production skills, and opinions only. He does not endorse any particular financial product, advisor, or company. He is not an advisor or insurance agent and he is not compensated for any financial advice, investment, or insurance products. Always make your decisions based solely on the merits of the investment itself, not because you may like a person or show. Thank you.

Regarding all of our programming:

“Copyright 2014 by IQ Wealth Media, all rights reserved. Investment advisory services by IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Insurance services by IQ Wealth Management, a licensed insurance agency. All references to guarantees refer solely to the following: FDIC insured bank accounts; U.S. treasuries held directly by the investor; and/or fixed index annuities held to term. Guarantees on all insurance and annuity products rely on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurer. Crediting formulas on annuities and riders may vary. Always compare. Annuities are not FDIC insured and surrender charges may apply. All information presented on Journey To Wealth is general and educational in nature. No statement made is intended as specific tax, legal, or investment advice and no information about any investment is an offer or an advertisement to sell any security. Investments in real estate, equities, mutual funds, and petroleum-drilling involve risk, including the substantial loss of principal. Not all investments are suitable for all investors and some require Accredited Investor Status. Some guests may pay IQ Wealth Media for air time and Steve may also hold positions in some investments discussed. Therefore he may be biased in his views. Sinclair Noe is an independent paid spokesperson, not affiliated with any IQ entity,  who is paid for his voice talent, radio production skills, and opinions only. He does not endorse any particular financial product, advisor, or company. He is not an advisor or insurance agent and he is not compensated for any financial advice, investment, or insurance products. Always make your decisions based solely on the merits of the investment itself, not because you like the person. In the case of securities,  each investor has a responsibility to carry out personal due diligence to their satisfaction. An advisor can help, but the advisor may have a bias. Carefully read the Private Placement Memorandum or the Prospectus and be clear on the risks before you commit funds.

The CIS™ designation is a designation conferred upon candidates who complete a six month to one-year educational program focusing on fixed-income instruments, retirement and financial planning, annuities, taxes, Social Security, withdrawal plans, stretch IRAs, and reverse mortgages.

The designation and its requirement are offered through the Institute of Business and Finance – founded in 1988. IBF is a nonprofit provider of financial education and designations to members of the financial services industry. IBF is the fourth oldest provider of financial certification marks in the United States.

The CIS™ certification involves four modules, five in-depth written and proxied exams, leading to the completion of a capstone, case-study financial plan. The text volumes are approximately  To be awarded the designation,  there is a requirement for mastery of intermediate to advanced knowledge in medicare, social security, annuities of all types, income taxes, addressing income shortfall, life insurance, home health care, and reverse mortgages. The text volumes and required reading are approximately 500 pages. The designation requires continuing education and adherence to a code of ethics.

ªInvestments and annuities are on opposite ends of the financial spectrum. Therefore, we maintain two divisions: securities and insurance. Fee based investment advisory services are provided by IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC, a registered investment advisor. Insurance and annuities are provided by IQ Wealth Management--insurance division. Annuities are insurance based financial vehicles designed not for growth but for income preservation and sustainability. Annuities are not FDIC insured and may have surrender charges for a period of time. Generally, a partial withdrawal of 5% to 10% is allowed annually, penalty free. The annuities we recommend waive all surrender charges upon death. All guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurer. At IQ Wealth, our policy is to require at least 100 years of successful track record and strong ratings for any insurance company we recommend.

Income riders are a means to enhance the income benefits provided by the underlying annuity contract. A discussion regarding whether an annuity would meet your needs and objectives should take place, before deciding if an income rider is appropriate.

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